Back to the Future Story of Ministry

Note: I almost succumbed to the temptation of just copying John Cowden's blog post on this same topic, but instead just decided to link it here and let you judge for yourself if I should have just let him to all the talking.

I'm a bit of a movie dork sometimes (I mean, I got married on Star Wars Day for pete's sake), so when the opportunity came for a "staff development day" of watching all three Back To The Future movies on Back To The Future Day, I was of course going to be there. In case you didn't feel the temporal shift, BTTF Day was Wednesday - October 21, 2015 - the date to which Doc Brown, Marty McFly, and Marty's girlfriend Jennifer (who will be promptly thrown in an alley for most of the rest of the movie) travel in Back To The Future II. 

For the most part, the future in BTTF II doesn't look much like what is actually happening in October 2015. We don't have hoverboards, flying cars, self-drying clothes, etc. The Cubs will not win the World Series this year (alas). But then again, when have future predictions ever been that accurate? Weren't we supposed to be getting all our meals in pill form by now? Weren't our houses supposed to clean themselves or be cleaned by an army of robot maids? 

And yet, we love to look into the future. We love to imagine what it will be. That's what we did last Sunday in our unified service - took a time-traveling trip (though sadly without the DeLorean) into 2025 to see what our church has become 10 years after our Spiritual Strategic Journey. 

Our predictions weren't as flashy as hoverboards or self-tying shoes, but they were no less ambitious. In fact, some may think of them as even more idealistic - a church of unconditional love, fearless faith, and abundant joy - a church of radical inclusion - a church where each person is empowered to use his or her gifts in building community and spreading the love of God (go here to see the whole crazy plan). 

Can we really do it? Can we really get there? Well we can't send Marty and Doc forward to let us know, so we'll just have to work on it ourselves. Traveling into the future the same way we always have, one day at a time. But the good news is that we build this future. We have a choice in how it turns out. If we believe in this vision, we can work together with God to make it happen. 

- Katy