Employee Self-evaluation Form

Employee Name *
Employee Name
Employment Start Date *
Employment Start Date
Last Review Date
Last Review Date
Performance Competencies
1 Poor - 5 Excellent
Expresses ideas and thoughts verbally; exhibits good listening and comprehension. Keeps others informed; uses appropriate communication methods. *
Establishes and maintains effective relations. Exhibits tact and consideration, positive outlook and pleasant manner. Offers assistance and support to coworkers. Works cooperatively in group situations. *
Follows instructions, responds to management direction. *
Takes responsibility for own actions. *
Keeps commitments, meets attendance and punctuality guidelines. *
Volunteers readily, seeks increased responsibilities and takes indepedent actions. Looks for and takes advantage of opportunities. Asks for help when needed. *
Competent in required job skills and knowledge. *
Job Knowledge
Requires minimal supervision. *
Job Knowledge
Displays understanding of how job relates to others. *
Job Knowledge
Uses resources effectively. *
Job Knowledge
Displays willingness to make decisions. Sound, timely, and accurate judgment. Includes others in decision making when appropriate. *
Prioritizes and plans work activities. Integrates changes smoothly. Sets goals and objectives. Well organized program/activities. *
Planning & Organization
Demonstrates accuracy and throroughness. Looks for ways to improve and promote quality. Applies feedback to improve performance. *
Demonstrates required technological skills. *
Use of Technology
Adapts to new technologies. *
Use of Technology
Troubleshoots problems related to technology. *
Use of Technology
Uses technology to increase productivity. *
Use of Technology
Keeps technological skills up to date. *
Use of Technology
Anticipated actions, new initiatives. Revised emphasis within your area of work. *
Final Section
I have reviewed this document and discussed the contents with the pastor and others of the SPRC. I acknowledge that I have been advised of my performance status, which does not necessarily imply that I agree with the evaluation.