July 5, 2016


At their meeting last Thursday night, the members of our Staff-Parish Relations Committee voted to change Jason Forster’s title from “Church Administrator” to “Executive Pastor”.

Jason is a graduate of Asbury Theological Seminary. On two different occasions our conference appointed him to be the pastor-in-charge of a congregation in the capacity of a Part-Time Local Pastor. In that capacity he could perform the same ministerial functions that I do.

For reasons that go beyond the scope of this letter, our conference does not appoint Local Pastors to a church unless they are the pastor-in-charge.

So as the full-time church administrator at Decatur First, Jason was not permitted to do some of the things he could do as a part-time pastor of another church. I know, it’s sort of confusing. But stick with me.

After thinking and praying about this for a long time, Jason sought and received his credentials as an ordained pastor in The River Christian Fellowship. He can’t conduct the sacraments in a UM church but can outside of it. But his RCF ordination acknowledges the studies, testing, and supervision he has undergone as well as the pastoral roles of counselor and preacher that he often fulfills here at DFUMC. So as of last Thursday night, the Executive Pastor of Decatur First is the Rev. Jason Forster.



Dr. David B. Jones
Senior Pasto