This information is to let you know where we are with the master plan process.


  • Released survey results & summary of comments from congregation

  • Met with all four Vision Teams, to get input from the four mission divisions of the church

    • Worship Team (worship within DFUMC)

    • Grow Team (Christian Education, both adult & children, Family Activities)

    • Engage Team (Community Outreach)

    • Connect Team (Connecting with each other within DFUMC)

  • Held several work sessions with the Master Plan Team

    • Explored and developed options based on congregational and vision team feedback


  • Met with Taylor Kaiser and youth about the ideal space needs for youth with growing program

  • Exploring several additional components based on feedback from congregation & vision teams

    • Changes and updates for accessibility to all of our buildings

    • Changes and updates to Sanctuary, multi-purpose options

    • Changes and updates to front lawn, creating a more welcoming entrance

    • Costing out an option where we keep existing footprint, bring all buildings up to code, catch up with deferred maintenance and make updates for efficiency (multi-purpose spaces)

    • Evaluating best fit for a new building, if one is constructed, looking at what works best in that building v. existing building

  • Evaluating the best solution for parking and potential increase in spaces available

  • Continued discussions and meetings with City of Decatur to partner with them as we move through this process

  • Continued work with LAS on the viability of all the options

  • Developing cost analysis for all the options, with an emphasis on phasing and how we will pay for each option

  • Developing a long-term maintenance plan with a capital reserve plan for long-term sustainability for our campus

As you can see we have a lot of things going on and are working toward final options that will be presented to the congregation, once we have fully investigated all the options and components of these considerations.

UPDATED TIMELINE: (extending timeframe to ensure that we carefully consider all possibilities)

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