Emergency Action Plan

The congregation of Decatur First United Methodist Church (DFUMC) established this Emergency Action Plan to provide guidance and preparations for various emergency situations that might occur within church properties. DFUMC seeks to ensure the physical safety of those entering our facilities to worship, study, minister, work or play during Sunday worship hours, daily staff working hours or various times of other meetings and facility use.

This Emergency Action Plan (EAP) describes emergencies we might encounter at our church - though most of these are not likely to occur.  Nevertheless, we should all know how to respond to emergencies and the EAP provides that guidance. The Emergency Action Team (EAT) includes staff and church members who will be the leaders during an emergency. Their responsibilities include calling 911, meeting emergency responders, directing the congregation or others during the emergency. It is important we all know how to respond to emergencies so please take the time to read through the EAP.