Renovations are under way for updating the church!  As voted on with the sale of the Bassett House, the funds are being used to update the gym, gym rooms, gym bathrooms, first floor and Fellowship Hall. As promised, this is to invest into our youth and children’s programs.  There is also work that will be going on located on the 2nd floor of our main building.  The third floor of the Sycamore Building is also getting updated with Sunday School classes now meeting there.   

Highlights of the construction updates include but are not limited to:

  • Gym bathrooms will receive new fixtures and plumbing.  All tiles will be acid washed
  • The gym will have new paint, padding, hoops, flooring will be stripped and re-striped.  Climate control options are still being evaluated with an engineer at this time
  • Gym classrooms will be updated with fresh paint and flooring as well as new furniture.  G4 & G5 will be dedicated to our youth program.  G6 will become a youth game room,  G3 will be updated and 4th & 5th graders will remain there.  G2 will be dedicated solely to Meals on Wheels.  G1 will store all athletic equipment and skates.
  • The first floor will have all asbestos tiling removed and new flooring will be inserted along with new paint.  The Fellowship Hall will have the carpet removed with new flooring (non-carpet) going in.
  • The 3rd floor of the Sycamore building will have flooring and paint completed along with some electricity updates. 

As we have the logistics nailed down, we will send out the schedule for Sunday School classes to begin moving into their new rooms.