8:45am•Sanctuary•Worship with Communion
11am•Sanctuary•Worship with Choir

Decatur First has two traditional worship services each Sunday in the Sanctuary. We utilize the long-standing United Methodist style of worship service, drawing on inspiration from deep Methodist roots. The Traditional Worship services are more formal in style, with music led by the organist playing familiar United Methodist hymns. Our Chancel and Bell Choirs also provide music for these worship services. Services also include a call to worship, communal or responsive prayers and liturgy, scripture readings and a time for prayer. Communion is offered on the first Sunday of the month and includes a traditional liturgy.

If you have any questions about our traditional worship program please contact our senior pastor Rev. Dalton Rushing.

9:45AM•Chapel on Sycamore St•Worship with band

Decatur First's casual service takes place each Sunday in the Chapel. We create an exciting and inspirational worship experience where you can encounter God in a profound way that is comfortable and natural for you. Although the arrangement of the service and the music from our worship band are more contemporary and casual in nature, the fundamentals of the service are rooted in United Methodism. Like in our traditional services, we celebrate Communion on the first Sunday of every month. Come in, pour yourself a cup of coffee, enjoy a light snack and savor a few moments of fellowship and conversation before worship begins. Also, on the fourth Sunday of the month immediately after the service there is an additional time of food and fellowship called Fourth Sunday Fellowship.

For more information, please contact our associate pastor Rev. Joya Abrams.